I feel like when people think about fashion or people who are involved in the fashion industry they think it’s “cliché” or “not important”, but fashion is so much more to me.

We live in a generation where people are so creative and love to express themselves; to me, fashion is just another form of art & self expression. From the color coordination, choosing which pieces look good together, the details…everything.

With fashion, no matter what your going through you can look how ever you want and switch it up everyday, almost like becoming a new person every time you dress up. You can show your emotions through the way you dress or your look can be completely different from how you feel and who you are. I believe it’s an extension of everyones personality and another way to read people.
For me the best part of fashion is putting everything together because I love creating, then seeing the final product in the end. People may not realize the work that goes into creating a whole look. It’s more difficult than it seems to get every detail perfect which is why I compared it to art, because to me…fashion is art. It’s art that shows self expression but better because you get to showcase it on you everywhere you go.


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