Two of the most popular brands right now, Louis Vuitton and Supreme joined forces to create the longly awaited “Supreme x Louis Vuitton” line. To be honest I never thought this would happen, to see a brand that mainly focuses on street Style (Supreme) and a brand that focuses on high fashion (Louis Vuitton) collab?? That’s just a dream come true and a shift in the fashion world that no one saw coming and I’m definitely here for it!

The collaboration includes everything from crossbody bags, trunks, iPhone cases, backpacks, wallets and much more. There’s a great variety which I’m sure everyone could find something they would fall in love with.

The only downside which I’m sure will disappoint you as much as it disappointed me, is that the items are limited and sold at pop up stores. Two locations in the U.S ( Los Angeles & Miami ) and outside the U.S in Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, London, and Beijing; but don’t get your hopes down I’m more than sure people will be able to get them and resale them online so you’ll have a chance to get a piece from the line for yourself!

Here’s a sneak peak from the collab:



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