So this time I decided to write an article about someone who really inspires me, not only because he started from just social media, but for his eye for fashion and where he came from. His story really gives hope and can inspire anyone trying to pursue their dreams through social media (at least it […]

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Two words..White & Orange. The color white and the color orange have been in so much recently which I’m sure you’ve noticed. So many great looks can be created using these colors, there’s a variety of tones of orange for you to choose from to put together the perfect outfit! If you ever want to […]

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Is the male romper the new 2017 summer trend? It’s been such a contreversial topic on the internet especially on twitter and resulted in so many new memes!During Madrid fashion week, a brand called Davidelfin showcased a series of male rompers which eventually caught the attention of social media users. You either love it or […]

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The Gucci Snake has been around for a while but really seems to be coming to life now. There’s just something that attracts me so much to this logo, I find it really unique from any other major brand logo I’ve seen before! You may have seen it one some of the most known celebrities, […]

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