So this time I decided to write an article about someone who really inspires me, not only because he started from just social media, but for his eye for fashion and where he came from. His story really gives hope and can inspire anyone trying to pursue their dreams through social media (at least it did for me!)
Farren Fucci’s career started off online after creating a Polyvore account where he would create different looks he would style different celebrities (if he ever got the opportunity) with. His looks eventually caught the eye of well known celebrities including Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Zendaya and many more. He connected with Bella Hadid via twitter and got to style her for “Paper Magazine” which caught Rihanna’s attention! She agreed for him to style her for her cover on Paper Magazine as well (honestly my biggest dream!)

What I love about him is that he’s just so creative! His looks are always out of the box yet look so good everytime, You can definitely tell he puts his heart and soul in every look created. If his life seems like it couldn’t get any better…hes on tour styling Kehlani right now!! I’ll be sure to leave his social media below because he’s definitely someone you want to keep up with! ( and not just because his pages are some of the most entertaining out there!)
Instagram: @Karliefloss

Twitter: @fucci


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