Is the male romper the new 2017 summer trend? It’s been such a contreversial topic on the internet especially on twitter and resulted in so many new memes!During Madrid fashion week, a brand called Davidelfin showcased a series of male rompers which eventually caught the attention of social media users. You either love it or hate it,there’s no in between…and twitter users weren’t afraid to voice their opinions on it. 
Micheal Kors actually experimented with the male rompers in 1991, but Kors realized it was a big mistake due to the troubles that come with wearing them (using the restroom, changing…etc).
I mentioned that you either love it or hate it and i think i love it! I believe it’s a big step in fashion because it’s not something we’ve seen done pretty often before. Eventually as they evolve there will be many options to choose from. As long as you know how to pair it with your shoes and accessories it should be fine. What do you guys think, love or hate it? 


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