I really like how simple the dress is but yet so detailed (the rings on every finger but her ring finger was so funny to me)
Liked how fancy the top of the dress is but then you look down, and it’s almost like a whole other dress. Ripped and not so put together. I really like how it’s denim as well
RIHANNA of course she had to make it super dramatic that’s why I love it, (she also mentioned on Instagram that it was the first Monday of may which describes the flowers) definitely one of my top favs
I don’t know what caught my attention on this look but I really liked it even though it’s pretty simple, simplicity is sometimes best
Bella Hadid, the only person with a body suit on that night, I loved it Versace did a great job at creating that look for her
Definitely love love love this! Especially the shoes the whole look together just looks so good and really is a reflection of him, the hair was kind of weird to me but he still pulled it off
Who else can make rap look more chic than Migos?? That’s my word for this look. Chic.
This dress really compliments her body type, and doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard, I think it’s really classy
Asap rocky looked really good with his signature turtle neck, of course he does…he makes everything look good
This was such a good color for her skin tone! I love to see pops of color and I’m in love with the way the dress is cut, such an underated look
Who can glisten across the red carpet better than the Kardashian/Jenners? I love everything about this from the hair cut to the at way the dress shines
I think everyone is already aware that Zendaya can never flop and pulls anything off, I loved the Afro on this look and how out of the box the dress is. Her look was just perfect
Can’t get over this look, I just love how the designers played around with the colors, the main color being white and the red and hot pink tie everything together!


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