Who would’ve ever thought orange would become such a trendy color?

I sure didn’t. Especially never thought i would love it so much!

Orange has been taking over the fashion world alot recently, it’s everywhere. From regular clothing stores (Zara, H&M, & Forever 21) to the high fashion world (Balmain, Vêtements & Micheal Kors). As you can see in these photos of the Balmain Jungle themed Spring 2017 collection & Vêtements 2017 Spring Collection.

Here’s a couple of looks I love:

Instagram Links (Listed In Order):

A pop of orange adds something special and unique to your look wether it’s a jacket, hoodie, sweats, shoes etc…  it’s definitely the move.

Next time you think about wearing an orange piece don’t hesitate… go for it! I would recommend checking out Zara & H&M just to start with something simple. I like how trendy and easy they are to pair with outfits (links left below!) So what do you guys think,is orange the new wave?

Sites Mentionned:


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