If you aren’t following Braxton aka “@braxattacks” on Instagram please stop what your doing and do it asap!

I’ve been obsessed with her page since the day I discovered it and wondered why I hadn’t been following her ever since. It’s not very difficult to see why I love her…Her.Style.Is.Bomb!
She never upsets, her looks are put together and rocked so effortlessly. I love seeing young people who are passionate about fashion and creating looks just as i am. I find her style unique yet so relatable and fresh. She never disappoints, Not only is her Instagram page is a great source of inspiration for outfits, but did I mention she has a blog as well? If I could ever recommend another fashion blog to anyone, it would definitely be hers! It’s so well put together & contains amazing information, you can tell time was put into it. Her blog was honestly one of the reasons that inspired me to create mines.

I think you guys get the message if you aren’t following Braxton I believe it’s time you should. I mean who else can rock high heels like Brax?

Braxton’s Social Media:
Instagram: @Braxattacks


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